Madhyamapratipad L.E 50

Madhyamapratipad L.E 50


Like the most simple states of  matter and the atomic family reduced... as the ages of self... the levels of being... and like the very structure of the most simple two-dimensional solid object, reality is organized in triune design. In this way, just like the triple crown diadem atop the ancient architect himself, so too is the path to ascension so organized.

In the oldest traditions, meditation and the practical art of transcendence was rigid, with but one purpose before them. Liberation. The diamond way, or the path of the vajra, was often secluded within the mountains and reserved only for those willing.

Born out of necessity and the dispersion of mystic knowledge, such rigidity gave way to a softness. It was by this softer path, the Hinayana, or Lesser Vehicle, which the masses themselves might begin their eternal journey towards atonement. However, seeing the need for most to be in both the marketplace and the mountains, Buddha formed the path of the middle ground, or Mahayana, the Great vehicle. It was through this path that most might reach liberation and by this path that those faithful would harmonize inner duality, blossom to their inner nature and shedding the skin of a self no more, awaken into their truest vision of being.

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